lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Birthday party held at Park Jung Min in Japan


 パーティーは「Park JungMin Birthday Party in Japan 2012」と題し、東京・ゆうぽうとホールで開かれた。パク・ジョンミンはファンからのプレゼントで埋め尽くされたステージに立ち、歌を披露した。また、主演を務める台湾ドラマ「翻糖花園~fondant garden~」が台湾の地上波で放送され、視聴率1位を記録していることも報告し、会場は歓声と拍手に包まれた。



"Five Korea idol group SS501" of Park Jung min held party fan club members only birthday in Japan on 3/30.

 The part was titled "Park JungMin birthday party in Japan" 2012 and enlargement of Yu Tokyo opened in the room. Park Jung min means stage full of gifts for fans and I teach the song. Report also transliterated sugar flor-fondant garden-Taiwan drama starring Taiwan terrestrial broadcast, has recorded the first classification of place and wrapped in Hall of cheering and applause.

Games, baking cakes and various programmes of psychological tests also provides the other party continued in a warm atmosphere.

 Park Jung min is "this year, refused to Japan activities real singer." You can expect the revival of Park Jung min "and made a comment."

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